While his presidency has been criticised as authoritarian [4] [5] and concerns about the repression of political opponents have been raised, Tito has been seen by most as a benevolent dictator. He was a popular public figure both in Yugoslavia and abroad. Drafted into military service, he distinguished himself, becoming the youngest sergeant major in the Austro-Hungarian Army of that time.

After being seriously wounded and captured by the Imperial Russians during World War Ihe was sent to a work camp in the Ural Mountains. He participated in some events of the Russian Revolution in and subsequent Civil War.

With a highly favourable reputation abroad in both Cold War blocs, he received some 98 foreign decorationsincluding the Legion of Honour and the Order of the Bath. Tito was the chief architect of the second Yugoslaviaa socialist federation that lasted from November until April Despite being one of the founders of Cominformhe became the first Cominform member to defy Soviet hegemony in He was the only leader in Joseph Stalin 's time to leave Cominform and begin with his country's own socialist programwhich contained elements of market socialism.

Economists active in the former Yugoslavia, including Czech-born Jaroslav Vanek and Yugoslav-born Branko Horvatpromoted a model of market socialism that was dubbed the Illyrian model. Firms were socially owned by their employees and structured on workers' self-management ; they competed in open and free markets. Tito built a very powerful cult of personality around himself, which was maintained by the League of Communists of Yugoslavia after his death.

Tito managed to keep ethnic tensions under control by delegating as much power as possible to each republic. The Yugoslav Constitution defined SFR Yugoslavia as a "federal republic of equal nations and nationalities, freely united on the principle of brotherhood and unity in achieving specific and common interest. Lastly, Kosovo and Vojvodinathe two constituent provinces of Serbiareceived substantially increased autonomy, including de facto veto power in the Serbian parliament.

Ten years after his deathCommunism collapsed in Eastern Europeand Yugoslavia descended into civil war. His parents had already had a number of children die in early infancy. Franjo Broz had inherited a 4. By the time he returned to Kumrovec to begin school, he spoke Slovene better than Croatian[16] [17] and had learned to play the piano.

In July[18] at the age of eight, Broz entered primary school at Kumrovec. He completed four years of school, [17] failing the 2nd grade and graduating in After leaving school, he initially worked for a maternal uncle, and then on his parents' family farm.

Jurica helped him get a job in a restaurant, but Broz was soon tired of that work. He approached a Czech locksmithNikola Karas, for a three-year apprenticeship, which included training, food, and room and board.

As his father could not afford to pay for his work clothing, Broz paid for it himself. Soon after, his younger brother Stjepan also became apprenticed to Karas. After completing his apprenticeship in SeptemberBroz used his contacts to gain employment in Zagreb. At the age of 18, he joined the Metal Workers' Union and participated in his first labour protest. He returned home in December He joined his first strike action on May Day On arriving at his new workplace, he discovered that the employer was trying to bring in cheaper labour to replace the local Czech workers, and he and others joined successful strike action to force the employer to back down.

He next travelled to Munich in Bavaria.GPS Tracker in Camera case? Japan in 8K 60fps. How to change the internal Ronin S and Red Raven? Izabela - LongTakeStudio Hot Swap Batteries on Epic-X. Film Making Masterclass with Fashion Film Test with Gemini RRencode Plugin.

Who's still rocking a Mac 5,1? Click here if you found a problem or have a problem; after you have made a RED. RED doesn't save last Two new pro sound recorders Budget PL Options. Live 8K output? Quad 12G?? Real Time 3D preview on Sergey Kravchenco not to be Nikon Mount Aluminum and Have a problem? Need to get something off your chest?

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tuto guerrero

We cover everything from the basics all the way to min-maxing techniques to optimize your survivability. Protection Warriors excel in fights with high amounts of physical damage, or where mobility is needed.

tuto guerrero

Much of the damage they take is mitigated through blocking, making their damage intake smooth and predictable. Additionally, they provide a healthy amount of utility, whether it be crowd control or raid buffs. They are a formidable tank all around, making them a worthy choice in both raids and dungeons. Note that this guide focuses on aspects which are specific to Protection Warriors and general tanking strategies are beyond its scope.

If you wish to know more about the tanking role and what you can do to improve, we recommend that you read our tanking guide. While the changes for Protection Warriors do not go far beyond simple bug fixes, you can view the Patch 8. When put in the right situation, Protection Warriors are not only very strong, but have the potential to completely outclass other tank specs.

Against fights where the vast majority of the damage intake is blockable, Protection Warriors are one of the strongest, if not the best tank spec.

Josip Broz Tito

Even in situations where the spec does not have all the right tools, it still fares very well. There are very few scenarios where Protection Warriors will truly struggle.

In Patch 8. This guide has been written by Mwahia Protection Warrior theorycrafter and moderator of the Skyhold Warrior Discord.

Sign In Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. Sign in anonymously. Sign in with Facebook. WoW Classic. Diablo III. Diablo IV. Borderlands 3. Overwatch 2. Tanking Guide. Healing Guide. WoW Classic Class Guides!

Death Knight.It is the first edition of the franchise to be based in a Caribbean country. Dominicana's Got Talent follows the Got Talent format, in which contestants audition in front of four judges and a studio audience. Up until the semifinal and final rounds, the judges decide whether or not a contestant advances in the competition. During the semifinal and final rounds, viewers vote on which contestants will advance. The general selection process of each season is begun by the production team with open auditions held in various cities across the Dominican Republic.

Dubbed "Producers' Auditions", they are held months before the main stage of auditions are held.

tuto guerrero

Those that make it through the initial stage, become participants in the "Judges' Auditions", which are held in select cities across the country, and attended by the judges. Each participant is held offstage and awaits their turn to perform before the judges, whereupon they are given 90 seconds to demonstrate their act, with a live audience present for all performances.

At the end of a performance, the judges give constructive criticism and feedback about what they saw, whereupon they each give a vote - a participant who receives a majority vote approving their performance, moves on to the next stage, otherwise they are eliminated from the show at that stage. Each judge has a buzzer, and may use it during a performance if they are unimpressed, hate what is being performed, or feel the act is a waste of their time; if a participant is buzzed by all judges, their performance is automatically over and they are eliminated without being given a vote.

Many acts that move on may be cut by producers and may forfeit due to the limited slots available for the second performance.

Filming for each season always takes place when the Judges' Auditions are taking place, with the show's presenter standing in the wings of each venue's stage to interview and give personal commentary on a participant's performance. During this round, the final selection of participants, which has ranged from between 20 and 60 acts and include those that were chosen as Wildcards by the judges or received the Golden Buzzer, are divided into groups and compete against each other for viewers' and judges' votes.

The general structure of the live episodes focuses first on four quarterfinals, and then two semi-finals, aimed at finding that season's finalists. Additional rounds are conducted when required such as a "Top 8" or a "Top 10", depending on the season.

During these stages, the judges still provide feedback on an act's performance when it is over, and can use buzzers to prematurely end a performance before it is over; in the first season, the judges could not end a performance before it was over. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Got Talent franchises. Nigeria South Africa. Australia New Zealand. Hidden categories: CS1 Spanish-language sources es. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Talent Show. Tuto Guerrero M. Tuto Guerrero. Frank PerozoPamela Sued. Santo DomingoDominican Republic. Dominicana's Got Talent. Africa Nigeria South Africa.Forgot your password? On this page, you will find a number of useful macros and addons to make your life easier when playing your Fury Warrior in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth BfA 8.

This will display the appropriate tooltip and cast either Furious Slash if it is talented, or Whirlwind if it is not, allowing you to use the same button for either filler ability. This will display the appropriate tooltip and cast either Dragon Roar or Bladestorm if either are talented, allowing you to use the same button for either ability.

If neither is talented, it will display an unused icon. This macro allows you to cancel your Bladestorm early. You cannot cast other abilities while Bladestorming, so this can be useful if targets die during the channel. This macro uses Pummel against your focus target, if you have one, or against your current target if you have no focus target.

This will cast Heroic Leap where ever your cursor is located, without waiting for the targeting circle. This allows you to spam the Heroic Leap button, but still retain the ground-targeting circle. Because Charge is off the Global Cooldown, Victory Rush or any other melee ability can be used on the same keybind. When outside of melee range, Charge will be cast instead.

This macro uses any off global cooldown racial abilities and any equipped trinkets alongside Recklessness. This addon is a complete replacement of the default User Interface. It comes with almost everything you need to perform properly: action bars, cooldown timers, proc display, etc.

We strongly recommend that you get this addon and our forum moderator Pandacho has written a quick configuration guide for it. Boss mods are addons that warn you about boss abilities and give you live advice on how to handle some mechanics. We strongly recommend you to get one such addon. A good alternative is Big Wigs. GTFO is a lightweight addon that notifies you when you are standing in harmful effects or when you are making other such mistakes.

More stuff

It is very useful, even if your boss mod is already alerting you of such things. Parrot and Mik's Scrolling Battle Text are highly customisable addons for displaying floating battle text while in combat incoming heals, damage of your spells, etc.

They both work very well by default. WeakAuras is an extremely useful addon that allows you to have visual effects on your screen, helping you track your buffs, debuffs and cooldowns. It is highly customisable and it can make it much, much easier to keep track of your procs and play your spec more proficiently.

It can also be used for a variety of other functions. TellMeWhen is an extremely useful addon with a user-friendly interface that allows you to track a multitude of things, from internal cooldowns, to buffs, debuffs, and procs. Raeli's Spell Announcer is an extremely useful addon that allows you to send announcements whenever you use certain spells. It is of particular use to announce when you use raid cooldowns or other important abilities.Eso do montroooooo son makako Hicieron un total de 52 visuales en 5 semanas Cc: davidmalerbaq nashlabogaert gmorillo sheilapau.

Ayer Bill Withers se fue de este mundo a un lugar lleno de luz. Ya me hacen falta. Voy a hacer un par de cuentos You guys are building something beautiful! Repost thelighthouse. Que inspirador es leer esto. Un proyecto que nos ha retado y hemos decidido tira palante como dominicanos! Orgullosos de nuestras formas de trabajo y co Que este sea el inicio de una nueva era la TV dominicana. Donde el contenido es el rey.

Abrazo gigante!!! Hoy, gran parte de lo que hago se lo debo a esa llamada que A este tipo Si le fueran a poner nombre a esta foto Y tu tutoguerreromamey??!!! Esta es la historia de ese proyecto. Gracias, gracias, gracias!Find out more It's free to open an account, takes less than five minutes, and there's no obligation to fund or trade.

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Both IG Markets Ltd (Register number 195355) and IG Index Ltd (Register number 114059) are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Excludes Digital 100s and Sprints on an IG Index Ltd account, which are licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission, reference number 2628.

IG Index supports responsible gambling, for information and advice please visit www. The information on this site is not directed at residents of the United States, Belgium or any particular country outside the UK and is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person in any country or jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation.

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